A Legacy of versatility, experience, and professionalism.


All Five concrete cutting inc. offers many different concrete services. These services range from slab and wall sawing to excavating and trenching. The company and staff have prided themselves on providing these excellent services for almost 50 years with 80 years of operating experience.

Core Drilling- Core drilling (Diamond Core drilling)  is used when very accurate circular penetration is needed. Just about any hole size and depth can be made using this process, as small as 1/2" to 60" in diameter. Coring can be done in almost any concrete surface. These include, walls, slabs, or even in ceilings. Coring can be done on any angle and even upside down.


Wall Sawing- Wall Sawing is a track mounted saw that is used to cut precise dimensions in walls and floors. An adapter may be attached to the saw to achieve flush cuts. Cores through the middle of the sawed section can be used for easier removal of the panel. Typical uses include cutting windows, doors, elevator and stair openings, and vents. Common applications include cutting concrete, precast concrete, brick, and cinderblock.


Slab Sawing- Slab Sawing is the most commonly used diamond cutting method. It is typically used to cut horizontal slab surfaces such as piers, wharves, bridges, runways, roads, and floors.  Also called flat saws, slab saws feature a diamond blade that is mounted on a walk-behind machine requiring only one operator and can cut up to 36" in depth. Saws can range from five to over one hundred horse power to suit any application. This technique is commonly used in concrete, precast concrete, asphalt, bridge decks, and brick pavers. Slab sawing is also used for green sawing, cured sawing, indoor sawing and decorative sawing.


Flat Work- Service that offers work on concrete floors, driveways, sidewalks, patios, basement and garage floors, ad curbs. Also, can be work done to install chimneys or supporting portion of a structure below first floor construction. Any horizontal smooth finish concrete surface.


Excavating-  This service offers trench excavation utilizing Back Hoes and other equipment to eliminate the need for hand digging. This process is used many different facilities like hospitals, office and industrial buildings, and grocery stores where fumes must be avoided.


Trenching- A long, narrow ditch or cut in the ground made for laying electrical work, pipes, natural gas lines, or concrete reinforcements. Our company utilizes a few different pieces of equipment to excavate such trenches.


Dock Levelers- All-Five offers cutting, sizing, and installation of Dock Levelers. This is a vital service for the Chicago area, as well as, the lakeside areas in Indiana and Wisconsin.


Concrete Scanning- This service is utilized to detect many different things in concrete such as post tension cables, rebar, electrical conduits, voids, and reinforcing steel. Now offering an in house option of concrete scanning.